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Bunny Sewing Kit for Older Children 10+ Part 1 of 3

Part 1

The Bunny Sewing Kit for Older Children is an ideal project for girls and boys aged 10 upwards, I need to point out that the kit is for sewers with a little experience, consequently the younger ones need help in getting started.

This is the first of three guides

The kit contains a detailed instruction guide that will take you step by step through the process. Let me outline the sequence so that you have an idea of the educational value of the method.

First of all, in this post, I will take you through the process by highlighting series of videos on Youtube that you can follow and I will reference these here for you. Consequently, you will see how straightforward it is to create this lovely bunny.

Getting started!

The Videos to help you



Video 1 Introduction

The first video will walk you through some of the steps involved in creating your bunny, therefore you will understand what you will be doing to achieve the best outcome.

Video 2 The Kit Contents

Another video walks you through the parts of the kit. You will note that we use the best materials, consequently you can be proud of the finished bunny.

Video 3 Cutting Out The Head Parts

Finally in this post, the fun continues as we take the patterns and cut, pin and prepare the head for sewing.

So there you have it! We have made a start creating our bunny! In the next post, we will start sewing the head. You probably want more information. Please remember, the detailed instructions are included in the kit and they guide you step by step through the processes.




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